Five Ways WordPress Customer Support Can Be Improved

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The beta launch of NoteBLOX is just weeks away and as part of the launch people have been asking for more details. This post captures some of our thoughts on providing the very best WordPress support possible. You’ll have a better idea about what keeps us up at night and at the end, and you’ll better understand the benefits of NoteBLOX. On a live WordPress site it can be pretty tough to know exactly what what issue the client was referring too. Details are often left out as the people who submit issues aren’t experts. They often aren’t technical and a clear explanation is often beyond their ability and knowledge.

Let’s reintroduce a subject that we introduced in a previous post – digital distance and WordPress customer support.  Digital distance is the time and number of clicks between you and your customers. The longer the digital distance the more clicks, the more emails, the more calls, the more screenshots, the more skype messages. Our goal at NoteBLOX is to decrease digital distance and give you more time to build solid client relationships that matter. The old Mark Twain quote that said, “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long letter instead,” is another way of saying something pretty similar.  Cloudy thinking and irregular communication is what we are trying to get rid of. Let me ask you a question that will make this discussion very clear. If you were building a house and you wanted to communicate a detail about a kitchen sinks spacing to your contractor, would you be better off writing an email (which would work) or showing him on the actual blueprint; or better yet, show him at the actual worksite. If you want to argue that the email is fine. It might be….or it might not be. You won’t know until after the house is built..or at least until you go to the house and take a look. Its pretty obvious that writing on the blueprint (or virtually on the worksite) is a much clearer way of communicating. This building metaphor is really what we do at NoteBLOX. We allow clients to write on their actual website. Any issues they have are documented right on the site. Copy issues are attributed, right on the site.  Images that are incorrect are attributed, right on the site.  Broken navigation are attributed, right on the site. To make this discussion more clear I want to be sure that the benefits are understood.  So, what is the result that we are seeing?

Reason 1 – Fewer Emails:  What we are seeing is that the number of emails sent back and forth is being cut by about 67%.  This means there is less back and forth as the initial message was more clear and precise.

Reason 2 – More Precise Technical Details: Most clients don’t really think about the device they are using as relevant. They just assume everyone uses an iPhone 4s. They don’t think about any of the details. It’s important for the technical, problems solvers on your WordPress team to be able to quickly get the lay of the land.   NoteBLOX records and reports on the following information – device, browser type and domain or subdomain. These little details are often left out. NoteBLOX makes sure they are reported.

Reason 3 – Element or Spot Location: NoteBLOX does something technically that is kind of special and somewhat obvious, but as this very simple idea is a bit new, I need to make sure that I’m communicating clearly. NoteBLOX reports back the exact location of the issue. With NoteBLOX you know that the kitchen sink is at the bottom of the page in question. NoteBLOX makes it simple to ID and correct things.

Reason 4 – Fewer Words: As Mark Twain tells us, fewer words are better. We are finding that clients use 73% fewer words when using NoteBLOX as compared to emails. This is for some pretty obvious reasons. First, all the technical details are being reported within NoteBLOX. The client doesn’t need to remember and describe these details.  Those words are gone. They have been systematized. The client can forget these items and move on to other things. We each only have so much brain power in us everyday. NoteBLOX gives each person on your WordPress team just a little bit more mental room to do other things that are more important.

Reason 5 – Site History: NoteBLOX maintains a history of past issues for a WordPress site. For most WordPress sites, the simplicity of how NoteBLOX works is ideal. Its clean, simple and easy.

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